The Field, The Mantel (2011 - 13)

Started by reading Flaubert's unfinished novel Bouvard et P├ęcuchet, these works explore libraries as sublime repositories of collective dream material: both terrifying in their monumental unknowable-ness, and beautifully full of possibility. This through the lense of monumental duration (something like natural time [if that's not an oxymoron]) and the elusivity of a satisfying, knowing, finish.








Way Out West, The Sea Whispered Me (2009)

"I do not believe that these men sit by the sea all day and all night so as not to miss the time when the whiting pass." - WG Sebald

An internal adventure of miniscule proportions, Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me studies the action of the Sea, both as mythology and as presence. It is an evening length performance, a durational performance installation, a reading companion, and a walk.








The Man Who Pictured Space From His Apartment (2007)

With an eye on vaudeville, the night sky, and this note: "If I die, my knowledge may die with me", Cupola Bobber investigate the stars, the railroad, and their memories in a struggle to pinpoint something infinitely satisfying... a transcontinental railroad, a man on the moon, a Golden Record with all that is good on this earth shot at the stars.

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Petitmal (2005)

Thing is, moving forward seems like loss and the future seems like an abyss: it is from this perpetual precipice that we must now negotiate happiness. And if you stand here and we jog away, eventually we will cease to exist (your eternity will destroy us), and if we do still exist somewhere - it is in your head.








Subterfuge (2001)

Subterfuge was Cupola Bobber's first full length performance. It was premiered in Chicago at The Spareroom in July of 2001. It was subsequently performed at Performance Works Northwest in Portland, OR.