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J'aime Response

We were asked to make a response to J'aime, a dance performance by Alice Chauchat and Anne Juren presented at Links Hall in March 2005. This is what we made.

Having been asked to make a response to J'aime, we first asked ourselves what it meant. We thought maybe it would help us if we knew what it meant, but rather than looking it up we decided to imagine everything it could possibly mean. So what will follow is an absolutely comprehensive list of everything it could mean, we have left nothing out. This unabridged list contains every potential meaning, and leaves none out.

Thank you for this opportunity.

1. Dancing
2. Dancing with happiness
3. Dancing with joy
4. Dancing to dance
5. Dancing for fun
6. Dancing to be fun
7. Dancing for you
8. Dancing with me
9. Dancing for or against it
10. Dancing with a sincere amount of embarrassment
11. Dancing with a sincere amount of your gaze
12. Dancing for a sincere gaze
13. Dancing for the possibility of more dancing
14. Dancing without ineptitude
15. Dancing because it's my knees that decide the fate of this here, now
16. Moving, and dancing
17. leaping and dancing
18. Dancing with the possibility of leaping
19. How when I am in a crowd doing the bunny ear dance you look at me and think I am doing the quotes dance.
20. Every Saturday night in 2003
21. The name for when I think I know how you see me.
22. When time becomes Movement
23. The measurment of what constitutes a rave in Chicago. For example: Our j'aimometer is at 25 j'aimes this is no longer a party it has become a rave and must be stopped, everyone must go home.
24. The ingredient that was really at the root of Dance Mania in the 14th and 17th centuries.
25. Your silence amongst the loud unrelenting noise.
26. To Teach by showing.
27. Dressing like a crowd
28. when the pigeons start to sync with the beat on my headphones
29. The combined sound of all creation sung at once
30. To always be in Love
31. The name for the feeling one gets when watching the dancing in the Charlie Brown Christmas Speacial.
32. Positioning ones self to be looked at.
33. The joy that comes after the terror.
34. Jumping on the bed.
35. Running after spinning while looking at the sky.
36. Looking in to a crowd and seeing myself
37. What my mom thinks about when she thinks about me
38. The time in the car with the stereo on before work
39. The time when the hot soup first hits your lips
40. The best time
41. The time when I thought about you the most
42. In high school, before the prom
43. being scared
44. being really scared
45. being nervous
46. about community
47. about the only thing we do with a lot of strangers
48. about being faceless, but having your eyes closed in a crowd of strangers
49. about bubbles, when they put all the bubbles around you.
50. about a late night call, a really late night and drunken call that makes your stomach hurt in the morning.
51. it
52. then
53. this
54. would
55. could
56. yes
57. yes, and
58. yes
59. it'll be wonderful
60. it'll be perfect
61. it'll be what I've always been looking for
62. it'll be exactly that
63. and tomorrow I'll remember this warmly
64. I'll remember it over coffee
65. I'll wake up slowly, and it'll all come back in a rush
66. how great this was
67. how it was like
68. Dancing
69. Dancing with happiness
70. Dancing with joy
71. Dancing to dance
72. Dancing for fun
73. Dancing to be fun
74. Dancing for you
75. Dancing with me
76. Dancing for or against it
77. Dancing with a sincere amount of embarrassment
78. Dancing with a sincere amount of your gaze
79. Dancing for a sincere gaze
80. Dancing for the possibility of more dancing
81. I'm dancing
82. It's dancing
83. I'm dancing
84. Dancing
85. I'm dancing
86. And you're watching
87. And I'm having fun
88. and I'm dancing.