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Study For A Performance (2003)

We went to the Salt Flats in Utah and shot this 13 minute video during the developmental stages of our performance Petitmal. Before we arrived we pictured a simple composition: a lone jogger, on an empty white plane, jogging towards a distinct horizon line with blue sky overhead– like the end of a western movie. When we arrived in Wendover we found the flats were covered with large puddles of water and the sky was grey. The weather remained this way for two days. It wasn't what we had imagined.

We timed a jog and found that it took about thirteen minutes to disappear. We decided we would jog for fifteen minutes just to be safe. After the first two days, we didn't have the shot we wanted, and each of us had jogged more then we had ever jogged before. At night we hobbled around the town like cowboys who'd ridden horseback from Vegas.

On our third and final day of shooting the sun came out, we took turns entering the frame and jogging away from the camera. We got our shot, packed up the car, and said goodbye to the giant neon cowboy hovering over Wendover.

This is the video that we wrestled out of Utah.