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Wave Machine #2 (2010)

A day at the seaside delivered in your local car park, town square, rural field, apartment building roof, etc. A site specific durational performance installation performed by two performers taking turns.

Developed in tandem with Cupola Bobber’s fourth evening length performance, Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me, Wave Machine #2 is a simple gesture. Two performers take turns to create the illusion of the sea using large tarpaulins. Their trying is playful and hopeful, in their commitment to this action over the entire run of the festival, and to your ability to feel the place they cannot perform. Nature is persistent, repetitive, violent; inspiring un-tethered contemplation, a sort of freedom. But soon, entropy becomes apparent. This seaside in your head, despite the performer’s best intentions, cannot be anything other than a momentary blip.


Performed for four days, four hours per day, at In Between Time Festival of Live Art and Intrigue 2010, co-produced by IBT & The Nuffield Theatre Lancaster