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Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me: A Reading Companion (2009)

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Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me: A Reading Companion (2009)

Reading CompanionPublished in April 2009, Way Out West The Sea Whispered Me: A Reading Companion is a collection of writing that continues the performance’s ruminative exploration of The Sea’s place in our collective psyche. Utilizing the imagined spaces and ample research gathered throughout the two year process of making the performance, the reading companion elaborates and re-imagines many of the ideas presented in the performance as a unique and interactive literary experience.¬†¬†Importantly, this gave us an excuse to work with and include the voices of some brilliant people that we have met over the years.

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Internal Monologue For One Performer Taking One Step Slowly (2007)

This text was written for SLOW, an anthology of writings edited and published by Ian Abbott in 2007.

Directions for reading: Please stand and take one step while reading this monologue. You should not have finished taking the step until you have finished reading the text.

Note: you will need to move slowly to make the duration of the movement match the duration of the text.

I happened to be passing by your home last night I noticed that your bedroom window was open. I was wondering if it gets cold in that room when you are asleep, if it does I was wondering if in the middle of the night when you wake up you put on your slippers and walk across the floor to turn of the blue humming television, if you do I was wondering if you go straight back to bed. If you do... go back can you feel the indenture in the sheets, the place where your body made its mark while sleeping, is the bed still warm? If it is, do you find it hard to fall back to sleep? If you do (continued...)


J'Aime Response (2005)

We were asked to make a response to J'aime, a dance by Alice Chauchat and Anne Juren presented at Links Hall in March 2005. This is what we made.

Having been asked to make a response to J'aime, we first asked ourselves what it meant. We thought maybe it would help us if we knew what it meant, but rather than looking it up we decided to imagine everything it could possibly mean. So what will follow is an absolutely comprehensive list of everything it could mean, we have left nothing out. This unabridged list contains every potential meaning, and leaves none out.

Thank you for this opportunity.

1. Dancing
2. Dancing with happiness
3. Dancing with joy
4. Dancing to dance
5. Dancing for fun
6. Dancing to be fun
7. Dancing for you
8. Dancing with me
9. Dancing for or against it
10. Dancing with a sincere amount of embarrassment (continued...)


Conversation in 50 Jumps Using A Trampoline and a Cliff (2003)

This text was written for JUMP, an anthology of writings about jumping published in 2005. JUMP was edited and published by Ian Abbott.

Jump Text Diagram


Goat Island Summer School, Visiting Artist Performance Response (2003)

The following are two letters. Stephen wrote the first one after he visited the 2003 Goat Island Summer School. Tyler wrote the second in response to Stephen's letter, which he had received in Geneva. The letters were written for and presented too the participants of the summer school.


You asked me what happened, and to tell you the truth I've been wandering again, I can't quite remember where I've been, or the events the day in question. Please forgive my inadequate accounts, but this is what remains in the frame of my memory, and unfortunately it is the closest you and I will ever get to the actual events.

1. Found thoughts of a birdwatcher.

I remember standing in a group of four students, each of us dressed in an arrangement of large feathers made out of construction paper. Down the hall the school band was rehearsing the sound of the ocean.
We were told by our teacher that we were a subspecies of the bird known as "Birdis Humanis" and that each subspecies had a particular courtship ritual. What's courtship? Someone asked, the teacher then looked at his notes and said that in this case it (continued...)